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The Experience To Fight Florida Nursing Home Abuse

No one’s elderly loved one should have to endure abuse or neglect at the hands of people they trust. Sadly, nursing home abuse and neglect happens every day in Florida.

I am George C. Kezemides. I have more than 24 years of experience helping people throughout Pinellas County, Hillsborough County and the surrounding region. If you believe that someone you love experienced abuse in a nursing home or another elder care facility, please turn to me for assistance.

Fearlessly Litigating Nursing Home Claims For Victims

When I accept a case, I mean to win. This is demonstrated in my long list of proven case results involving settlements and verdicts over $1 million. In my practice, I have taken dozens of cases to trial in courts throughout Florida. When the opposing counsel learns of my experience as a litigator, it often puts me in a better position to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Answers You Need About Elder Abuse

Situations with suspected nursing home abuse and neglect can raise a lot of questions. I am here to answer them for you. Below, you can find a few of the most common questions that I hear about nursing home neglect and abuse cases.

What are the forms of nursing home negligence and abuse?

There are multiple types of abuse and neglect prevalent in nursing homes. Physical abuse is only one example. Elder abuse can include:

  • Punching, hitting and kicking
  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Failure to provide adequate care
  • Severe lack of cleanliness
  • Sexual abuse
  • Financial abuse such as stealing money
  • Wrongful death

The moment you suspect abuse, please speak with a Florida nursing home abuse lawyer.

What damages can we recover?

Abuse and neglect can prove surprisingly expensive, adding another layer of challenges for victims. In elder abuse claims, damages may include:

  • Past medical bills
  • Future medical treatment
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Punitive damages

As a nursing home abuse lawyer, I can give you a better idea of the value of your claim.

Do I have a Florida nursing home abuse and neglect claim?

It is not easy to prove a claim of nursing home neglect. To have an actionable claim, you must have several elements. These include:

  • The nursing home and its staff owed a resident a duty of care.
  • The nursing home and staff failed to provide the expected standard of care.
  • As a result of this action or lack of action, the resident has injuries and damages.

Nursing homes, insurance companies, and their lawyers fight these claims tooth and nail. The more evidence you can gather – and the sooner you begin – the better chance you have of a successful claim.

Do I really need to hire a Florida nursing home abuse attorney?

Without a doubt, yes. Nursing homes will do anything to avoid liability and insurance companies will do anything to avoid paying your claim. Hiring an elder abuse lawyer levels the playing field, allowing you a better chance of recovering maximum compensation for the damages inflicted on your loved one.

I Know How Insurance Company Lawyers Think

What sets me apart from many other nursing home abuse attorneys is my experience as a former insurance defense lawyer. I have seen firsthand what makes a claim successful versus unsuccessful. This helps me gather strong, persuasive evidence when putting together your claim. I know how insurance companies and their clients approach personal injury lawsuits, elder abuse lawsuits and medical malpractice cases, so I know how best to fight for you.

Don’t Hesitate – Get A Free Consultation With A Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

In such an emotionally difficult time, you can rely on me to handle your claim skillfully and compassionately. For a free consultation, please call the Tarpon Springs office of George C. Kezemides, P.A. at 727-490-9303 or send me an email. I return all inquiries within 24 hours. I serve clients throughout the Tampa Bay metro area.