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Advocating For Florida Pedestrians’ Right To Compensation

Pedestrians, joggers and bicyclists have every right to share the road with cars. If a motorist drives recklessly or negligently and you suffered a catastrophic personal injury as a result, you can seek help from my law firm, George C. Kezemides, P.A.

I have more than 24 years of experience as an attorney in the Tarpon Springs area. I use innovative approaches to each claim. My goal is always to hold insurance companies accountable for the compensation they owe you.

Why You Need Help From A Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrians are particularly vulnerable in car accidents due to the size and weight of most motor vehicles. Just a few of the common injuries that pedestrians sustain in crashes can include:

You will need a Florida personal injury lawyer to protect your rights. Many people, even judges, are quick to place liability on the pedestrian instead of the driver. I have experience in and out of the courtroom as a pedestrian accident lawyer to make sure your voice is heard and you receive fair treatment.

What If A Bicycle Rider Is Partially At Fault For An Accident?

Far too many drivers claim not to see bicycles on the road, resulting in devastating bike accidents involving cyclists. Even if a bicyclist has a partial fault, they may still have the right to recover compensation. Florida is a comparative negligence state. If the court finds that you have less than 50% fault for an accident, you can seek compensation for a portion of your damages. For instance, if the court rules that you have 10% fault for a bicycle accident, you can recover up to 90% compensation.

Learn More In A Free Consultation With A Personal Injury Attorney

The sooner you consult a bicycle and pedestrian accident attorney, the better. I work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay anything unless I recover compensation for you. To make a free consultation, please call my Tarpon Springs office at 727-490-9303 or send me an email.