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When Someone Hits And Hurts You In A Car Crash

Accidents happen every day. An accident is something that happens that no one could see coming and no one could do anything about. It’s different from a crash. A crash happens because someone is either doing something they should not or not doing something they should.

As the principal at my firm, George C. Kezemides, P.A., I work one-on-one with my clients to help them understand both negligence and liability. As a former prosecutor and an attorney who has years of experience in insurance defense, I can build a strong case.

What Are Negligence And Liability?

Negligence does not mean a person set out to cause a crash. It just means that they did something to cause it. They are liable if they are careless or intentionally not following the rules – texting, drinking or speeding. A driver is liable when they do something any reasonable person would know is not safe to do.

Type Of Vehicle Accident Cases I Take

Unfortunately, a negligent driver can cause many different types of crashes. I have a broad base of experience with Florida auto accidents. I believe I have deeper insight than many other attorneys when it comes to crashes, due to my extensive knowledge of trials, as both a prosecutor and an insurance defense attorney.

I can assist with:

The other party will likely have savvy insurance company attorneys to represent them. It seems only fair that you should too. Having been on the side of the insurer, I understand their tactics and motives. I also understand what they cannot do, and where the holes in their defense lie. Find out more about what my past clients have said about my abilities and representation.

Start With A Free Conversation With Me

I know that after an accident there is a lot to piece together. I can help with ensuring you get appropriate medical care in the short and long term. I can also handle the legal end of things. I know that you want to stay informed so I make it a top priority to “keep you in the loop” with updates. I also understand your need for responsiveness. I typically respond to clients within a 24-hour window.

Unless I recover compensation for you, you will not pay a fee. Call 727-490-9303 or reach me via my website contact form. I serve injured clients throughout the Tampa Bay area.