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When The Other Driver In A Crash That Injured You Was Intoxicated

After an auto accident, you may have a medical emergency as well as many practical problems to solve at once. Medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering may soon seem overwhelming. Besides challenges such as treatments, therapy and time to heal, a key question to confront is: Why did this happen? If another motorist struck your vehicle, an investigation may reveal that they were driving drunk. What will this mean for your injury claim?

The criminal justice system may penalize the driver who was under the influence of alcohol. However, your primary concern is to pursue the financial support that you need through civil litigation. To address all legal issues with confidence, turn to an experienced auto accident attorney. I am attorney George C. Kezemides, and I invite you to contact my law firm to request a free consultation.

How Far Does Negligence Reach In A Drunk Driving Case?

An inebriated driver might not be the only negligent party to investigate after a drunk driving crash. If I represent you after you have been injured by a drunk driver, I will look for evidence including what happened in the minutes and hours before the collision.

Was this an underaged drunk driver, and if so, who illegally gave or sold them alcohol? A negligent social host may share some responsibility for your injuries. If the driver was an adult, did servers in a bar or restaurant ignore their intoxicated appearance? If the staff at a commercial establishment kept serving them beer, wine or hard liquor despite their obviously drunken state, you may bring a dram shop claim against that business.

Proving a driver’s drunkenness may strengthen the legal elements of negligence and liability in your injury claim. As a former prosecutor and insurance defense attorney, I will monitor all relevant facts such as another driver’s drunk driving to enhance your case.

Free Consultations For Drunk Driving Cases

I am known as diligent, determined, attentive and responsive. I typically respond to clients within 24 hours. I handle auto accident cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not owe attorney fees unless I recover compensation for you.

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