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A Timely Investigation Can Pay Off After A Motorcycle Accident

Florida and the Tampa Bay area are attractive to motorcyclists for many reasons. Year-round good weather and abundant routes to take bring many local and visiting bikers out regularly. On the other hand, heightened risks for motorcyclists are also familiar in any season of the year: bright sunshine in motorists’ eyes, other visibility challenges, potholes and erratic driving in this busy metro area.

An accident resulting in injuries is always a critical event in the life of the injured and/or close family members. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in such a crash, you should get legal counsel right away.

How Motorcycle Accidents Differ From Other Traffic Accidents

After a motorcycle accident, you may struggle with injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering, as in the case of a car or truck accident. However, your motorcycle accident may stand out for any of these reasons:

  • Your injuries may be severe. Traumatic head injuries and spinal cord injuries are common for motorcyclists because their bodies are not shielded by a vehicle’s frame.
  • As a motorcyclist, you may have lower insurance coverage than automobile owners do. It is important to examine all negligence and liability factors.
  • Police officers, claims adjusters, judges and juries may carry biases against you as a motorcyclist. You need a strong advocate to overcome such prejudices.

I Am Ready To Get Your Case Started

At George C. Kezemides, P.A., you will have the opportunity to work with me, the sole practitioner at the firm. I am George C. Kezemides, a former prosecutor and insurance defense attorney. I know how important it is to gather facts and evidence without delay. I know exactly what types of information to look for while investigating a motorcycle accident.

The longer you wait to get your motorcycle accident case underway, the more difficult the investigation may be. For example, surveillance video camera footage may be available for just a limited time. Eyewitnesses may be difficult to track down if you wait too long, plus they may not recall details well later on.

Speak With A Lawyer In A Free Consultation After A Motorcycle Accident

As a diligent and determined personal injury attorney, I am also attentive and responsive. I typically answer clients’ queries within 24 hours. If I take your motorcycle accident case, I will represent you on a contingency fee basis. Call 727-490-9303 or reach me through a brief contact form.