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What should you know about shopping injuries?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | Premises Liability

Going to the grocery store shouldn’t be a life-altering experience, but that’s what happens for victims of shopping injuries. While many accidents at stores and shopping centers don’t lead to catastrophic injuries, there are instances in which severe harm can occur.

While it’s up to store owners to ensure there aren’t obvious hazards that can harm shoppers, understanding a few of the dangers that might occur can help shoppers avoid them.

Parking lot dangers

Slippery conditions, insufficient lighting, and aggressive driving in search of parking spaces contribute to potential injuries. Uneven pavement and obstacles on walking areas can also cause problems for pedestrians. Property owners’ responsibility includes maintaining these areas to prevent such incidents.

Risks of falling merchandise

Customers risk being injured by falling merchandise inside the store. This can happen when items aren’t securely stored or if displays are unstable. Falling merchandise can stem from several problems, including heavy or bulky items on upper shelves or people putting merchandise back in the wrong places.

Slip and fall accidents

Wet floors often cause slip-and-fall incidents. Someone can also slip on items strewn on the floor or on power cords that haven’t been properly secured. Shoppers should watch for wet floor signs or other signage that warns them of hazards on the floor.

The threat of shopper violence

Violence among shoppers, including stampedes during sales events, poses a significant safety threat. High-demand sales events can lead to overcrowding and aggressive behaviors that can lead to severe injuries.

Shoppers who suffer a serious injury during a trip to the store should ensure they report the matter to the management and get medical care right away. They may then opt to pursue a compensation claim to help cover the costs of their injuries.