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A driver who caused a crash doesn’t have insurance. Now what?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Auto Accidents

After a Florida car crash, people generally assume that the party at fault for a wreck can cover the costs inspired by that accident. Determining who is at fault for a crash is a key part of the collision investigation process.

The person who broke traffic laws or drove in a negligent manner may ultimately be responsible for the impact the collision has on other people. Typically, someone’s insurance policy helps cover collision-related expenses. Liability coverage can pay to repair a vehicle, cover someone’s hospital bills and reimburse them if they require time away from work due to injuries.

A small subset of those involved in Florida collisions learn quickly that the other driver involved in a significant crash does not have proper insurance. What happens after a crash with an uninsured Florida motorist?

Personal coverage can help

Florida’s current insurance system requires a combination of liability coverage and no-fault personal injury protection (PIP) medical coverage. Every driver should carry at least $10,000 of no-fault PIP coverage to help pay for their medical expenses and reimburse them for lost wages. Some drivers buy even more coverage in the form of uninsured motorist protection or comprehensive coverage. Those who suffer injuries in a crash can use their own PIP coverage for some of their expenses or to cover the losses of the other occupants in their vehicles. Supplemental coverage could also help cover the immediate financial aftermath of a collision.

A lawsuit might be necessary

Although it makes people uncomfortable to think about filing a personal injury lawsuit, doing so might be the most reasonable solution after a crash with a driver who doesn’t have insurance. The courts can award someone a judgment after a lawsuit that could help them cover their expenses. In some cases, there might even be a third party with a degree of liability. The lawsuit could hold an employer or a manufacturer accountable instead of the other driver.  A careful review of the collision circumstances can help someone of determine the best option that is most likely to result in appropriate compensation after a crash caused by an uninsured driver.

Knowing what to expect when a serious car crash involves unusual circumstances may help people protect themselves from what could prove a financially devastating incident. Seeking legal guidance is a good way to get started.