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I was in an accident with a delivery driver. What now?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Delivery drivers have always been a consistent presence on roadways in Florida. There are now multiple companies whose primary function is to deliver packages, and there are now an increasing number of businesses that offer delivery services.

The demand for delivery drivers is incredibly high, and therefore businesses may have to make some compromises when choosing who to employ. Those on the road may expect that delivery drivers will be as safe as possible, but these professionals (including many who are inexperienced) can and frequently do make decisions that lead to crashes.

What happens after someone gets hurt in a collision caused in no small part by a delivery driver?

Comply with the law

Delivery drivers are often very sympathetic figures, as they work very long shifts in their efforts to get goods and products to the public as quickly as possible. People may feel worried that if they report a crash to the police, the driver might lose their job. However, for an individual affected by a delivery vehicle collision to make a successful claim for compensation, they will need a police report at the very least, and Florida law mandates reporting most collisions.

Those involved in a delivery vehicle crash often need to document the scene of the collision to help them prove fault later. They may also need to seek medical evaluation and treatment for any injuries they may have suffered. They will also likely need to prepare themselves for the possibility of a complicated insurance claim.

Anticipate challenges seeking compensation

Big businesses capable of maintaining a delivery fleet usually have sizable insurance policies but also in-house legal representation. People making a claim can therefore expect significant pushback if they ask for compensation. From making low-ball settlement offers to denying fault, there are many ways in which a business might respond to a delivery driver crash other than appropriately and fully compensating the people harmed. Given the possibility of a complicated claim and potentially sizable financial losses, many individuals struggle to handle the fallout of a delivery vehicle crash on their own, especially if they have suffered significant injuries and are already overwhelmed.

For many individuals, getting legal advice and possibly securing representation will make it easier for them to negotiate with insurance professionals or proceed with a personal injury lawsuit so that they can recoup their medical expenses, lost wages and other economic losses after a wreck. Knowing what steps to take after a collision with a delivery vehicle will make it more likely that person injured can recover their losses and receive the justice to which they are entitled.