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Some brain injuries get worse with time

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2022 | Personal Injury

After some people are injured, they will delay getting treatment to see how severe they think the injuries are. Of course, there are also cases where they know that they need to go to the hospital immediately. However, it may not always be this obvious right from the onset.

For example, if someone hits their head and suspects that they may have suffered a brain injury, they may wait to see if their symptoms clear up on their own. Maybe they just have a mild headache, or they lost consciousness for a short time. They want to see if they feel better before going to the doctor.

But this is a major risk, because some brain injuries are actually going to get worse with time — not better. Skipping that treatment could make it much more severe than it would’ve been otherwise.

There could be bleeding around the brain

One example of how this can happen is when the head injury leads to bleeding around the brain or within the brain tissue itself. An example of this could be a subdural hematoma. This type of bleeding causes excessive pressure on the brain tissue, and brain cells can even be killed when this pressure becomes too great.

Someone who goes to the hospital right away may be able to have surgery to relieve the pressure and prevent serious symptoms. However, someone who allows that pressure to build up until the symptoms are obvious may never make a full recovery.

This is why it’s always wise to get medical treatment after an injury. To help cover the costs of medical bills and lost wages, then you also need to know how to seek financial compensation if someone else is responsible for your injury.