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Legal guidance after an accident is vital

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

Auto accidents are a leading cause of severe injury and death in Tarpon Springs, Florida. In addition to the physical injuries suffered in these accidents, victims must also face monumental financial hardships in the wake of a crash.

For example, severe injuries typically require hospitalization, followed by regular medical appointments to encourage a complete recovery. Victims that cannot return to work right away due to their injuries also suffer lost wages for an indeterminate amount of time.

How can legal guidance help?

In the early aftermath of auto accidents, victims tend to focus on their physical recovery, which is proper after a crash. They usually trust that the involved auto insurance companies will do the right thing and pay a fair settlement. Unfortunately, some victims eventually realize that they have not received the compensation they deserve for their harm.

Insurance companies do not treat law professionals the same way they treat victims. Insurers know that legal professionals understand how auto insurance works. Because of this understanding, insurance companies usually deal more fairly with victim advocates than with actual victims. With guidance, you can avoid lowball settlement offers by having your advocate work with insurers on your behalf.

If you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the other motorist, professional assistance can make a big difference in its outcome. For example, under the guidance of an advocate, you can present the strongest case possible before a judge and jury. In most circumstances, advocacy during a lawsuit increases the victim’s compensation award.

If you need help deciding how best to move forward after an auto accident, consider learning more about injury and accident compensation in Florida.