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3 reasons why you should not admit fault after a car crash

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2023 | Auto Accidents

Admitting to a degree of responsibility after an accident is among the most common blunders people make. Some do so thinking it will expedite the claims process, while others admit fault unknowingly through implicating statements.

Either way, admitting to fault can have undesirable consequences, and you need to be very careful with your words after a crash. Avoid saying anything that could infer your contribution to the accident, including apologies. Here is why.

You are not legally required to do so

The law does not require you to assess or report your level of fault for an accident. Even if you think you contributed to the crash, refrain from pointing it out to anyone, be it the police, eyewitnesses or an insurance adjuster. It is better to remain silent.

You might be wrong

Another reason why you should not admit fault is that you could be wrong. You may not be aware of all the circumstances that led to the accident, and the other driver could be to blame. Instead, let the crash investigators do their job.

It could affect your car accident claim

In Florida, your level of fault for an accident diminishes the potential compensation due to you. For instance, if you were 25% at fault, you may only recover 75% of the damages awarded. Admitting responsibility for the crash could increase your degree of responsibility, and it will have a direct bearing on your claim.

Seek legal guidance after a car crash

It helps to have proper guidance to advise you on what to do or say after a crash and the pitfalls to avoid. That way, you will not jeopardize your claim or hurt your chances of getting what you deserve in compensation.