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How much is my car accident case worth?

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2023 | Auto Accidents

There will be a lot of personal losses and significant costs in the aftermath of a car crash. When you get hurt, the total financial impact of the collision increases dramatically. Often, insurance isn’t adequate to cover the numerous expenses that result from a car crash, forcing people to look into lawsuits and other, more extreme options for recovering their losses.

To pursue a lawsuit or even negotiate an insurance claim, you need to know what this car crash will cost you. What costs influence the total financial impact of a collision?

Existing and future medical bills

Emergency transportation to medical facilities, followed by trauma care. Emergency medical services can cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on the injury someone suffered. Even after someone’s release from the hospital, their injuries will continue to require medical support in many cases.

If you will need physical therapy or surgery in the future as part of your recovery, those costs should be part of any claim that you make.

Lost income related to injuries

There are two ways in which a crash affects your income. The first is by depriving you of the wages you would typically earn during your hospitalization and recovery. There will be many weeks of lost wages in cases involving simple broken bones and blue-collar workers.

When an injury causes long-term consequences, it may affect what kind of work the injured person can perform in the future. Determining how long you will be out of work or the difference between your prior wages and your income after your injury will help you demand financial justice.

Your pain and suffering

In the days immediately following your crash, you may have been in extreme physical pain, to say nothing of the psychological stress that you experienced. Especially if you have lasting symptoms, your injuries may also lead to more struggles and suffering for you in the future.

A claim against the other driver could include a request for compensation for the suffering that you endured after the crash and any future suffering that you will likely continue to experience because of lasting symptoms and other changes to your life.

Getting help with establishing the true financial impact of your recent car crash will help you negotiate an insurance claim or take the appropriate steps to secure compensation for your losses.