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Have you been injured while using an elevator?

On Behalf of | May 24, 2022 | Personal Injury

In almost every building containing more than two stories, there will be an elevator. These are designed to make life easier and provide access to those who may struggle with stairways.

While elevator accidents are pretty rare, enough of them occur each year to warrant further consideration. How do elevator accidents happen?

Malfunctioning doors

The doors on the elevators are automatic. At the push of the button, doors open and close seamlessly. Sometimes, however, they can close without notice or before you’ve had the chance to enter safely. Even in such a scenario, there should be sensors in place that prevent doors from closing on you. Unfortunately, the technology used for this is not foolproof. If doors close on you, then your body parts can end up being trapped and injured. More often than not, such injuries impact the arms and hands. They could be fractured or even severed by faulty equipment. If something has happened to you due to negligence, you may have a legitimate personal injury claim.

Electrocution injuries

Elevators are largely powered by electricity. In almost every lift, you’ll see a control pad with buttons to mark the floor you are looking for. If the electronics have not been installed safely or maintained for a while, you may be electrocuted when pushing the buttons. Additionally, exposed wires can be a risk. You should not be exposed to any bare wiring while using an elevator.

The owners of public premises have a legal duty to ensure that visitors are safe. If you have been hurt through negligent conduct, then it is in your best interests to explore your legal options.